Fire Bowl Signature Dishes

w. White Rice
spicyH1. Imperial Chicken
Chunks of Marinated White Meat Chicken are Crispy Fried & Blended w. Scorched Bell Peppers in Our Special Spicy Tangy Sauce
spicyH2. Fire Bowl Almond Chicken (Spicy)
Chicken breast slice coated splashed w. our chef's special almond sauce.
spicyH3. Fire Bowl Triple Seafood
Jumbo Shrimp, Sea Scallop, Lobster Stir Fried w. Chinese Veg. in Hot Garlic Sauce
H4. Honey Shrimp
Succulent Jumbo Shrimp Lightly Breaded & Deep Fried, Served w. White Honey Sauce Topped w. Walnut
H5. Fortune Combo
An Unexcelled Country Style Combination of Shrimp, Scallops, Beef, Chicken, Roast Pork & Veg.
H6. Hawaiian Chicken
Chunks of Chicken are Crispy Fried & Blended w. Green Pepper, Snow Peas in Pineapple Sauce
H7. Dragon Meets Phoenix
General Tso's Chicken w. Hot & Spicy Shrimp
spicyH8. Hunan Triple Delight
Chicken, Beef, Shrimp w. Mixed Veg. & Pepper in Hunan Special Sauce
H9. Lemon Chicken 11.55
H10. Pineapple Chicken 11.55
spicyH11. Orange Chicken 11.55
spicyH12. Orange Beef 12.55